Nurturing shiatsu in Bristol

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Shiatsu is a deeply nourishing and releasing full body massage based on Chinese Medicine. It uses the same meridians and points as acupuncture, but uses nurturing touch instead of needles. It can help many physical and emotional conditions.

My style combines a sound knowledge of Chinese Medicine with an intuitive and spiritual approach. At the end of a shiatsu session people feel that they have been deeply listened to. They are stronger, clearer, and therefore able to stir their life in a beneficial direction.

I have been practising for 17 years, and am a teacher for the European Shiatsu School. I specialise in maternity and also offer birth preparation workshops and placenta encapsulation.

I also run Building Resilience a self-care programme designed to help people regain control of their life in case of burn-out or difficult time.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a free telephone consultation to discuss how I may be able to help you.